Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday, March 17

I can't believe it has been almost one year since I first found that lump.  March 30, 2012 was the first of many doctor appointments - the one appointment which James pestered me to make for a week.  I'm glad that he did too.

Since the hysterectomy, I have recovered well.  I've been back at work full time since January 31, two weeks after surgery.  My apologies for not blogging sooner about how the surgery went, but I've been swamped with work and I am trying to keep my big rocks a priority.  The surgery went well and the doctor said that it did in fact look like my ovaries were beginning to work again, and he also commented that it was a good decision to remove my uterus as it was full of fibroids and needed to be removed.  My six week post surgery check up went well.  I haven't experienced any real hot flashes or menopausal symptoms so am very blessed in that regards.  I am officially graduated from Gynecology.

A note from the school greeting me in the entry upon my return.

I began taking the AI the day after surgery and haven't noticed any side effects.  It is a small pill I take daily in the morning for the next five years.  I'll have my next Oncology appointment on April 8.  I don't anticipate anything much at that appointment other than a check up.  From here on out I'll be monitored every 4 months with an Oncology check up.

I have noticed some real set backs with my right arm movement and armpit since I haven't been doing yoga or other exercise.  Everything is very tight, and sort of numb and sore.  I did go to yoga yesterday and will make an effort to go at least once a week.  I'll also get my butt up and moving every morning too.  I have really felt tired, sad and/or depressed lately.  I went to acupuncture on Wednesday which helped tremendously, but I still don't have the stamina I used to.
A little friend greeted me one morning when I was feeling a little blue.  Cheered me right up!
I don't plan on doing reconstruction at this point.  The process involves several surgeries to stretch the skin and place the implants.  Stretching the damaged skin is a painful process, and although the pain doesn't really scare me, I'm not thrilled about the idea of more surgery.  With implants, you also need to do follow up replacement surgeries every ten years.

I have enjoyed time off for Spring Break - it was filled with Jared, Caleb and I volunteering for Citiserve this week while James worked.  We delivered furniture for Love Inc., bagged potatoes for the Food Bank, played with kids at the Boys and Girls Club, chipped ice at the Rescue Mission and helped at Kids' Kitchen.  There are so many needs in Anchorage and it was nice to be a part of helping our community.

The best part of spring break was just being together.  We spent yesterday skiing at Alyeska; it was beautiful and fun!  We are so blessed to live in such a spectacular place and have time together as a family.